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It’s been some amazing things happening lately, from natural disasters, murders, social media fiascos and more. Some of these things you’d never thing would happen in this lifetime especially in my life. Every time I turn on the tv or log onto social media, I see more and more of this craziness. 

I guess it will be something I will have to get used to because these things mentioned earlier will not go away anytime soon. Looks like I will have to change the way I react to it. The more I let it bother me the more I will be overcome by it. So, I guess it’s something we all will eventually have to do. One thing we all need to do is stick together as things get worse because this is just the beginning. Until my next post… Be Blessed!


Being Positive in the Midst of the Current Disasters

With all the events, good or bad that’s been going on in the world and this country, its been rough trying to stay positive. From a biblical perspective, these things have to take place in order for us to progress to our final destiny were we wont have to deal with none of these things anymore.

The things that have been happening lately have been causing heartache, pain and lost for a lot of people. When i turn on the tv, radio or my phone, i see constant reminders of all this, so its not easy just to put it the back of your mind and keep going about your day. By us being human, we tend to concern ourselves with the things that are going around us which is how we are wired.

The only thing I can think of is to Pray and rely on God to help me through these times because these things aren’t going to just get better overnight or be “fixed” by some self proclamed super hero leader that thinks they bigger than the universe. Right now, with all the things that are happening, there’s one that can bring us through whom is the creator of this world which is God. He created everything so he knows how its going to end and will make sure his saved people are take care of no matter what happens. This is how I deal with it. I hope that others that don’t know where to turn to will turn to him during this time.

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 

Don’t Let People Use You!

I am for one, one of those people who let people use me. I am one of those laid back, nice ones that would do just about anything for someone without thinking. Boy, if i could turn back time, I would have said “no” during times were I was just being used. Don’t get me wrong, I will help people who genuinely need help, but you have to draw the line somewhere or else you will get used to the point were it put everything hold in your life.

The video below has some truth so that why i posted it as I post many videos from Trent Shelton because he is so truthful and inspirational and talks about things that most of us go through.

Someone you should know

Here’s an writer that i’ve been following for a while. His name is Pyerse Dandridge. He has an interesting story of doing time in a prison camp. He is now a free man and has written a book about how it was for him while serving his time there. To learn more about Pyerse and his book, click the link below.

Click here to go to his site!

I’ve been dealing with some so called friends lately that don’t associate with me unless I come around them. To me, that doesn’t seem fair. I come to you in your environment but you don’t come to mine to be around me.


When I see these people, I’m always greeted with “I haven’t seen you in a long time” or “Hello stranger”. Keep in mind that these people live close enough to be able to keep in contact or visit me when they feel that havent seen me in a while. I know this may seem petty to some, but it’s annoying to me because I feel if you “miss me” that much, you would put forth some effort to see me without me always having to come to you. I makes me feel like I’m not worth your time and effort. Enough of my ranting, lol, just felt I needed to get this off my chest because it seems more common these days.


I had the unfortunate experience of watching my 50 inch Element flat screen tv melt right before my eyes. I wasn’t expecting it at all because I haven’t heard of such a thing happening to these types of tvs (flat screens/LCD). If I had not noticed what was happening with my own eyes and was able to unplug my tv, something horrible would have happened, like the whole set catching fire therefor setting my apartment on fire. Below is a image that I took of my tv in the area were this occured.

Even though my set is manufactured by Elements Electronics, I noticed through research on the internet that this is happening with other manufactur’s like Samsung. I havent found any other brands that have this issue as of yet (not saying that its not happening with other brands) but I will DO MY HOMEWORK before every buying another tv from ANY brand! Just want to warn all LCD tv owner to keep an eye on thier sets because it looks like a common defect among LCD’s in general, not just a particular brand.

Is it bad to be single?

I’ve been single for a while for my own reasons. I’m not saying that I don’t want to be in a relationship, it’s just that in this time of my life I would not benefit from it. I watched Trent Sheltons video below and he brought up some points that I agree with because those reasons are why I choose to stay single… for now.

What was I thinking?! 😂

I recently went on a trip to the Wisconsin Dells this past week for a mini vacation. The trip was enjoyable for the most part of it, but I decided to try one of their wave pools in Mt Olympus water park called the Poseidon’s Rage. This wave pool has a powerful 9ft wave that comes crashing at down on swimmers every 2 minutes. ​


​  Little did I know that it would throw me all over the place and I have the aches and pains to show for it. I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun, I’m just saying if you aren’t in that great of shape physically, be prepared lol.

As I sit in my hotel room during my recent mini vacation, I get the news that one of my relatives was shot and killled the previous night. This was some shocking news to get as soon as you wake up in the morning. I am still shock after hearing this unfortunate news. I live in a suburb north of Chicago and I frequently hear about shootings on the news all the time. But, when you experience this close to home, it’s surreal.

Over the 43 years I’ve been living on this earth, I’ve seen people come and go as a result of death. This particular death just seem to be unreal because it hits close to home and it’s not a story of someone you didnt know that was killed and broacasted on media and news outlets. You just don’t think this would happen to someone you would know let alone be related to. We have to do better…


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