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Protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway

Emanuel backs Pfleger’s planned Dan Ryan anti-violence marchRev. Michael Pfleger discusses this Saturday’s planned anti-violence march on the Dan Ryan Expressway during a press conference on Tuesday at St. Sabina Catholic Church. Continue reading “Protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway”


This needs to stop…

I grabbed this article from a local newspaper. It really caught my attention. These incident seem to be happening more and more lately. Please read the article below.

Police tackled me for stealing a car. It was my own.
By Lawrence Crosby

I was facedown on the pavement. One police officer was kneeing me in the back, while others pulled or punched. They paid no attention to my screams identifying myself as an engineering Ph.D. student at Northwestern University. They just kept punching. One shouted, “Stop resisting!”
The record is on the dashcam footage: It’s nighttime. I step out of my car, bewildered at being pulled over and surrounded by police vehicles in the college town I’ve lived in for years. I hold my hands up high, shocked to see several guns pointed at me. It turns out a fellow student had called the police to report that someone was trying to steal a car. That someone was me. The car was my own. I had a key.
“I don’t know if I’m, like, racial profiling,” the woman had told the 911 dispatcher. To her and to the police, I was a black man in a hoodie. After the cops arrived, after they tackled me, and after they determined that the car was, indeed, my own, they charged me anyway.
Resisting arrest, they said. One cop joked to another that I “should feel lucky” he didn’t shoot me.
I don’t feel lucky. Every time I see the video from that October 2015 encounter, I experience fear, anger and terror. Fear that the color of my skin will make me out to be a criminal when I have broken no laws. Anger at the blatant disregard for human life and rights that the Constitution is supposed to guarantee to all citizens. Terror to have come — perhaps — within seconds of being shot by people sworn to serve and protect.
Amadou Diallo, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, Philando Castile. Their stories — like many others — are all too familiar. They all suffered gross overreactions by officers of the peace. Unfortunately, you will never hear their side of the stories, as they didn’t get the chance to speak before being shot to death. But you can hear mine.
My experience happened in Evanston, a town that thinks of itself as progressive and forward-thinking. If such rough treatment can happen here, where the police department has hired outside trainers to give lessons on racial sensitivity, and if it can happen to me, with my education and resources, it can happen anywhere.
My life is no more valuable than those of any of the people I mentioned above. Not at all. But this shouldn’t happen to anyone. I was minding my own business and driving my own car, my accuser was aware of her racial preconceptions, and the police should have known better. And still I ended up face down for a crime I didn’t commit, fearing for my life.
Now I must face consequences that are not of my own making. There’s an arrest on my record, even though a Cook County judge found me not guilty once he heard the evidence. There’s news coverage and the dashcam video on the Internet, available for any future employer or colleague who might choose to question me or my motives.
This isn’t the story that I expected to be telling at this point in my life, having just received my doctorate from one of the top schools in the country. The bigger story of my life is growing up without knowing my father, losing my mother to illness when I was 8 and becoming a ward of the state.
Many people — black and white — stepped up to serve as mother, father, sister and brother to me. I persisted. The day after my foster mother kicked me out because I refused to join the National Guard, I applied to Stanford University and got in. After four years, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.
I’ve done everything in my power to defy the odds. Yet I feel as though I’m forever going to have to explain myself. As for the arresting officers, are they doing any explaining? Will they have to answer for the rest of their lives for their decision to wrestle me to the ground, pummel me and charge me with a crime?
A fellow student’s impulsive action and her hasty decision to call the police have put all of my hard work in jeopardy. The arrest, the charges and the trial — a scarlet letter to go with the dark brown skin that I will wear for the rest of my life.
The Washington PostClick here for original article at Chicago Tribune
Lawrence Crosby is a Ph.D. graduate in materials engineering.

Your Life is Not Over!

With all the things that are going on in the world today and our personal issues that we are dealing with, it seems as things are getting harder to deal with. I, myself is going through it as I type this. I want to tell you that life is NOT over! Even though is seems that way because of our current situations, it’s not the final chapter. To offer encouragement, I wanted to share this video from Trent Shelton, a motivational speaker that I’ve watching for a while now.

Forgiving and Being Forgiven

I woke up to some sad news of someone I considered family passing. As time goes by, people are leaving this earth at all ages, some sooner that we expected, some live longer than expected. I know ive been going through some major changes lately emotional lately and I have been to myself a lot. I do this because I have a hard time trusting people because I’ve opened up in the past, but with negative results. The reason why i am writing this post is because I know there’s some people i may have wronged and some that may have wronged me. I’m not doing this to put blame on anyone. I just want people who I wronged to forgive me and I am forgiving those who wronged me because life is too short. The way things are going now in this world, we are going to need one another more that we can comprehend. So, I am making it a priority to forgive EVERYONE that hurt me and I am hoping they will do the same for me. Have a blessed day…

I Quit!

This is a video from Price Ea, a motivational YouTube personality. I will admit, it kind of startled me when i saw the title, but he’s using this extreme title as a way to motivate. Take a look!

Surviving The Holidays

Every year around this time, I get in a depressive mood. The reason behind it is that the holidays bring stress along with it every year. Most people have family get together on the holidays which can be stressful within it self because of the different personalities of the family members that you can’t get along with and things that come out their mouths when they either consume alcohol or just want to be a trouble maker.

When I was younger, I looked forward to the holidays coming, especially Christmas, because that’s when we get new toys that we don’t get during the rest of the year, unless its your birthday or some other special occasion. Now that I outgrew the Santa Claus period, which makes Christmas a whole different experience.

As a follower of Christ, I look at the holidays, especially Christmas in a whole new way. I try to think about what he’s done for me instead of pondering on the world’s way of celebrating which brings along unneeded stress. When I go about it this way, it helps take the load off of the holiday drama and stress. I learned that its not all about gift giving, instead its the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. So if you find yourself in the dumps during the holidays, please keep this in consideration and possibly work towards a relationship with Jesus to turn your focus on him  instead of the drama.



Having Bad Credit is Not The End

I remember what it felt like to have bad credit when i was younger due to mismanagment of my money and long term illness wish messed up my credit.

Fortunately, if you have bad credit, you can turn it around, even if you had things on your report for years. Take a listen to this video done by Phillip Scott and Garfield Reid who talks about how the bad credit stigma was plagued in the African American Community for years.

I know I havent posted in a while because of things that I was going through, one of them is depression. I had my ups and downs during this period and some days were better than others. I decided to write a post today because I’ve been really feeling bad lately. I know there are others out there that are probably going through the same thing. I just want to let them know that they are not alone. I also posted this on, a site that I post to as well. 
Ive been listening to some meditations from the app/website that can be helpful. I hope this helps you deal with the things that are happening in your life.

Today I turn 44. I’ve been through a lot of things in this time here on earth. With most of the things going on in this world especially here in Chicago, most don’t make it to thier 30’s let alone mid 40’s. I’m not were I want to be in life right now, but, at the same time I feel blessed to still be here and to be in somewhat stable health.

In 2015 about a week before my 42nd birthday, I lost my father to diabeties. My dads funeral was the Friday before my birthday. This normally special day was filled with greif and sorrow. Never experienced a birthday like that before. Fortunately I made it through with the support of family and friends. Two years after his passing, it still feels wierd because because the anniversary of his passing falls a week before my birthday.

Even though I experienced all this, I still consider myself blessed because it could have been worse and with the things that are going on today, it could have easily been different. So, I am going to move forward with this day and enjoy it because things can change in the blink of an eye as we see with the events that are going on in the world right now. If you are going through things similar or even completely different, I just want to let you know it will be ok and if you trust God, he will bring you through. Be blessed!



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