As a mild mannered, laid back individual, I have been accused of being to sensitive. The reason being, because when someone says something insulting or offensive to me, I have been told that I internalize things personally. Most of the time I don’t even have to say anything because people say that they see it in my facial expressions.

I will agree that some things bother me more than the others, but everything someone says to me doesn’t get to me the way they think it does they just go buy off of the way that I look which is not always indicator of the way I feel at the moment. So, when someone says something to me in a offensive manner and I respond with a certain facial expression, some assume that I am taking it personally and that may not be true all of the time.

 Don’t get me wrong, something’s that people say do rub me the wrong way but most of the time I just brush it off. I mean, I am human just like everybody else and I think EVERYONE, has some sort of sensitivity in side of their personality. Some people may claim that they do not let anything bother them(putting on a front like they think they are stronger than Goliath mentally and emotionally), but in reality, somethings bother them just like everyone else but they just don’t show it or hide it well. 

When people say something to me in a derogatory/insulting  manner about something that I cannot help or something that I am struggling with, it irritates me because it is something that I am struggling with and I am not being a certain way on purpose it’s just the way that I have been wired. 

This is beginning to affect my relationships with people because it is going around that I am overly sensitive and now people treat me like an exploding timebomb because of what other people said to them about me and how I react to things which is obviously not the truth all the time. 

This ruins a lot of potential relationships or current relationships and I don’t think it’s fair because people judge me off of what they assume I am thinking and share that information with other people and then the other people assume that I am that way too and treat me accordingly.

Article on sensitivity from Huff