Yesteday while I was on my way to a doctors appointment I was stopped by a cop. He pulled me over because my tags were a couple of days over the expiration date. As I was sitting there waiting for him to approach the car,I was thinking to myself, is he going to be loud, arrogant or condenscending? 

To my suprise, he was neither of the above. He came to the car and very politely asked for my license and registration and explained to me why he pulled me over. The whole time I was sitting there thinking is this guy going to be a jerk because of what is going on with cops lately and the fact that one was killed in the city(Fox lake,IL) about 20 mins west of my town that sparked a investigation that was aired on the local Chicago news and possibly nationally. 

He just told me to take care of the tags asap and let me go. I was shocked because I just knew he was going to let me have it. Not because I’m black, because of what happened to the cop in Fox Lake. Things took a positive turn that morning, which I was grateful for and counted my blessings and went to doctor as planned. 

This goes to show that all cops are not bad, well in my case he wasn’t. Could this be the start of a new beginning for cops?