I had the unfortunate experience of losing my father last month to a lengthy illness. Even though he’s not suffering anymore, it still had an effect on me that I could not ever prepare myself for. I am going through many nights of sleeplessness and exhaustion. I think of things that I could have done differently while he was living. 

My Dad passed on September 27th which was about a week before my birthday. When my birthday did come, I spent the earlier part of it going to the funeral home to view his remains and ok him for the services. During that time I broke down at the sight of seeing the man I grew to know as my father laying motionlesse  and cold in a casket that we picked earlier is in the week. It was a surreal moment in time because you never think you would experience this early in life. Even though I knew that eventually we all would go when our time comes, still didn’t prepare me for what I exeperienced on that day. 

So I encourage you to make piece with your love ones while they are living so you don’t have regrets later on after they have passed and you wish you could have done or said while they were here.