I sometimes get asked this question of why I am antisocial. It is not that I am antisocial, it’s that I want to be alone. sometimes so that I can do the things that I need to do like meditate, pray, focus on things and do other things that I need to do that I can do if I were with a group of people. There are some things that are better done alone than in a group setting.

I often get called “stuck up” or the similar because of my desire to be alone sometimes. I think this judgment is unfair because these is not the image I am trying to paint when I do things on my own. I’ve been in groups before, so this isn’t something I never experienced before (basically, almost impossible not to be in a group in some way in your lifetime). Especially in these times in society, you have to be careful of who you associate yourself with and whom you consider your “Friends” because everyone isn’t looking out for your best interest, especially in these times of division.