As most of you know by now the candidates we  have to choose from is not all that beneficial. One is an arrogant, loud, egotistical nut case, the other is a typical vote for me and I’ll promise you the world type of politician.

My grandparents on both sides of the family always instilled in me what the importance of voting is due to what they and the ones before them had to go through just to get the privilege.  So in a sense I feel I have the civic duty to vote even though I don’t feel assured with my choices.

By me being a Christian, I feel like I have to use those morals and values I learned as being a Christian to select the right person for the job. With the choices with have now, that seems almost impossible. I just Don’t see any Christian values being demonstrated at all in non of the campaigns, debates, public sessions, etc. just a bunch of verbal punches being thrown between the two like middle school kids instead of grown adults that’s going to eventually run this country.

I know people who is going to vote, not because of what the person stand for or good policies, but just to keep the other out of office. Which is understandable if your concerned with that person taking us into a world war or turning the USA into a 3 world country.

By belief right now is no matter who I pick, the  country as well as the world is heading towards Destruction. I believe this  because things where get worse before they get better as the bible hints us to. So, no matter who wins, I am praying to God to take care of our country. Not a human that has so much power. Something to thing about.