I’ve been going through some pretty interesting things in the last couple of years in my life. I seemed as if almost every aspect of my life was falling apart right in front of my eyes. I started to believe that I was cursed at one point because it seemed never-ending.

I come to learn that God has you go through things for a reason,why? No one knows but him. It may seem like hell when you’re going through things, but in the long run, he is working it out in your favor even if it doesnt seem like it. I had to learn to trust him through all of it, even though it felt impossible at the time.

It was even times were I wanted to give up, but i didnt. There must be a reason that God is keeping me here on this earth and its up to me to find out what it is and live it out. So, when you are experience lifes trails, just keep in mind that he is behind the scenes working in your favor even though it doesnt feel like it at the moment.