It seems for a while we’ve been seeing prank and challenge videos plastered all over the Internet. The pranks seem to be growing intense in nature for example, one prank video that I was watching dealt with a guy pretending to be dead when his girlfriend came home. Once the prank was over, the she would be so mad to the point of ending the relationship. It seems as if these pranks that are going viral over the web (especially YouTube) are not just you’re average pranks anymore and after each one, the victim of the prank plots a revenge on the prankster that is meant to be worse than the one they did on them initially.

The thing that i notice is that the people involved in the pranks fall for the pranks (well, they seem to fall for it) most of the time. I’m thinking to myself, if they’ve been pranking each other all this time, won’t they be kind of expecting it when someone does something unusual? That’s just me. Maybe they know its a prank and just doing it for views or popularity.

As for the challenges, the most recent one, the mannequin challenge is going viral as well with a lot of people doing it from teens at school to news anchors, celebs and even prison staff (posed as inmates?) being involved. I actually kind of like this challenge because know one gets hurt in the process. I guess, in a way these things help take our minds off the other negative stuff going on in the country right now.