Is Depression Real?

I had someone say to me “I don’t get depressed” when I told them I was being treated for depression. I thought to myself, what was your reason for saying that? The tone in the persons voice came across as if your depressed, somethings wrong with me. I also had a similar comment from someone else when my Mom told them that I suffer from anxiety as well. In this case, the person said “He doesn’t have anxiety” as if they knew the things that I deal with mentally on a daily basis.

The frustration that i have to deal with when people make these types of comments can get overwhelming sometimes because I feel that I am looked at as being weak, faithless and so on. I’ve even had someone tell me that I don’t have faith in God because I have anxiety (which I’m being medicated for). Believe me, I have faith in God because if I didnt, I wouldn’t have made it through the things I’ve made it through all my life.

I experienced people getting frustrated with me because I take meds for my anxiety/depression and it alters my mood and personality and they dont like the “new me”. Then I have those who are frustrated because I don’t really want to be on the meds because of the side affects and claim I’m not helping myself by coming off of them. Sometimes I wonder what is going on with me because how people react to me because of this.

I wake up every morning with a great amount of anxious feelings. As I start my day I take my meds, read my bible verses, drink my Black tea and watch the news. By midday, I feel a little calmer than I did when I woke up. Most of the day is kind of neutral as I go about my daily routines. Once I go to bed, i’m usually thinking about my next day. The feelings that I go through on a daily basis seems REAL to me and I do whatever I can do to cope with it. So, when someone asks if there is a such thing as depression or anxiety I say yes, you have to experience it to know what someone is going through.




One sided Relationships

I’ve been dealing with some so called friends lately that don’t associate with me unless I come around them. To me, that doesn’t seem fair. I come to you in your environment but you don’t come to mine to be around me.


When I see these people, I’m always greeted with “I haven’t seen you in a long time” or “Hello stranger”. Keep in mind that these people live close enough to be able to keep in contact or visit me when they feel that havent seen me in a while. I know this may seem petty to some, but it’s annoying to me because I feel if you “miss me” that much, you would put forth some effort to see me without me always having to come to you. I makes me feel like I’m not worth your time and effort. Enough of my ranting, lol, just felt I needed to get this off my chest because it seems more common these days.


If You Own a LCD Flat Screen Tv read this!

I had the unfortunate experience of watching my 50 inch Element flat screen tv melt right before my eyes. I wasn’t expecting it at all because I haven’t heard of such a thing happening to these types of tvs (flat screens/LCD). If I had not noticed what was happening with my own eyes and was able to unplug my tv, something horrible would have happened, like the whole set catching fire therefor setting my apartment on fire. Below is a image that I took of my tv in the area were this occured.

Even though my set is manufactured by Elements Electronics, I noticed through research on the internet that this is happening with other manufactur’s like Samsung. I havent found any other brands that have this issue as of yet (not saying that its not happening with other brands) but I will DO MY HOMEWORK before every buying another tv from ANY brand! Just want to warn all LCD tv owner to keep an eye on thier sets because it looks like a common defect among LCD’s in general, not just a particular brand.

Stop The Violence!

As I sit in my hotel room during my recent mini vacation, I get the news that one of my relatives was shot and killled the previous night. This was some shocking news to get as soon as you wake up in the morning. I am still shock after hearing this unfortunate news. I live in a suburb north of Chicago and I frequently hear about shootings on the news all the time. But, when you experience this close to home, it’s surreal.

Over the 43 years I’ve been living on this earth, I’ve seen people come and go as a result of death. This particular death just seem to be unreal because it hits close to home and it’s not a story of someone you didnt know that was killed and broacasted on media and news outlets. You just don’t think this would happen to someone you would know let alone be related to. We have to do better…


Is it a such thing as being too sensitive?

As a mild mannered, laid back individual, I have been accused of being to sensitive. The reason being, because when someone says something insulting or offensive to me, I have been told that I internalize things personally. Most of the time I don’t even have to say anything because people say that they see it in my facial expressions.

I will agree that some things bother me more than the others, but everything someone says to me doesn’t get to me the way they think it does they just go buy off of the way that I look which is not always indicator of the way I feel at the moment. So, when someone says something to me in a offensive manner and I respond with a certain facial expression, some assume that I am taking it personally and that may not be true all of the time.

 Don’t get me wrong, something’s that people say do rub me the wrong way but most of the time I just brush it off. I mean, I am human just like everybody else and I think EVERYONE, has some sort of sensitivity in side of their personality. Some people may claim that they do not let anything bother them(putting on a front like they think they are stronger than Goliath mentally and emotionally), but in reality, somethings bother them just like everyone else but they just don’t show it or hide it well. 

When people say something to me in a derogatory/insulting  manner about something that I cannot help or something that I am struggling with, it irritates me because it is something that I am struggling with and I am not being a certain way on purpose it’s just the way that I have been wired. 

This is beginning to affect my relationships with people because it is going around that I am overly sensitive and now people treat me like an exploding timebomb because of what other people said to them about me and how I react to things which is obviously not the truth all the time. 

This ruins a lot of potential relationships or current relationships and I don’t think it’s fair because people judge me off of what they assume I am thinking and share that information with other people and then the other people assume that I am that way too and treat me accordingly.

Article on sensitivity from Huff

You know we are in the end times when this happens

This is the second time I heard of this type of story in the past two weeks. I can’t believe this is actually happening to people. I grew up in church, and I never would have visualized this happening to any member of the church old or young.

I believe in tithing because it helps provide funds to support different things that the church does for the community and to pay for the church and it’s reoccurring bills. Not all churches use the funds for what it was went for so that defeats the purpose for collecting tithes and some do. But when I see this type of story, it makes me feel sad for the person and the state of the church in general. 

Meek Mill and Drake diss….Who cares?!

I know most of you know by now have heard endless stories about these two men that goes by the name Meek Mill and Drake. There is supposed to be a beef  going on between the two of them and personally I think it’s very silly and juvenile. I mean, really? Two grown men just dissing  each other like two young kids on the playground going back and forth. 

With all the more serious things that are going on in this world right now and this is what you see headlined  in almost every article on the Internet and on the radio and tabloid news channels. I mean is celebrity like that boring that you have to spend your time preparing a public insult for another celebrity?

 When I see more stories like this expose itself, the more I believe the world is coming to an end because it’s so petty and silly what these supposedly grown people are beefing over. I won’t even get into the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj fiasco. When will the madness ever end?