Shortly after I graduated high school and found a short term job until I went to college. I worked at a local hotel as a houseman. About a couple of weeks later after I started my job there, I begin to have issues with my stomach. Before I knew it, was in the washroom for most of my shift and I was in a state of constant pain and nausea. The smell of food or anything strong smelling would make it worse.

As time went by, I began to miss days of work thinking that I had the flu or some kind of virus. Unfortunately,that wasn’t the case because it went on for about two weeks. I was missing a lot of days from work, so I ended up going to see a gastroenterologist who at first diagnosed me with a peptic ulcer and prescribed me some medicine in hopes that it would cure it. Unfortunately, the medicine didn’t work and I was referred to another doctor who eventually diagnosed me with Crohn’s after doing a colonoscopy.

After getting diagnosed with Crohn’s, I had to quit my job and file for disability because I was constantly sick and wasn’t able to hold down a job. My life changed drastically during this time because I didn’t understand what was going on with me. I felt like I was being tortured or punished. This was just the beginning of my long battle with this illness which I will continue in part two of this chapter in my life. Stay tuned……..