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Are we really the “United” States of America?

  As most of us know by know we have elected our 45th president of the United States. The person elected obviously is not admired by a lot of people including his own political party. The vocal opinions and insults spewed between candidates went on for months before finally coming to a close before we as a nation went to the polls to make out choice for the next POTUS.

  There already have been major protest happening today in some of the major cities in the US, including the one closest to me, which is Chicago. The numerous news reports throughout the day showed hundred maybe thousands of people taking to the streets near Trump Tower near the river. Some say , what’s the point of protesting now since he’s already elected? Which I think is a good question because it’s not going to change anything. Don’t get me wrong, I understand some of the anger, but it’s not solving anything but creating more problems.

  Now that he’s elected, we should at least wait until he gets in office and see what he does, like the anti Obama supporters did when he was elected. I understand he said a lot of bad things about people and did some dishonest things as a businessman but unfortunately it’s not going to keep him from the office, well at least for right now.

  Once he gets in and still show his true colors and continue to do these things, then there’s a chance that he will be able to be removed as President. I am not a supporter of his, but I am a follower of God and I believe he knows what he’s doing in this scenario. It may not make any sense right now, but things will come to the light soon and we will see things clearly. So I am hoping and praying that we become united for the time being and just be patient (its hard, but we have to do it) and see what happens………

Trials and Tribulations

I’ve been going through some pretty interesting things in the last couple of years in my life. I seemed as if almost every aspect of my life was falling apart right in front of my eyes. I started to believe that I was cursed at one point because it seemed never-ending.

I come to learn that God has you go through things for a reason,why? No one knows but him. It may seem like hell when you’re going through things, but in the long run, he is working it out in your favor even if it doesnt seem like it. I had to learn to trust him through all of it, even though it felt impossible at the time.

It was even times were I wanted to give up, but i didnt. There must be a reason that God is keeping me here on this earth and its up to me to find out what it is and live it out. So, when you are experience lifes trails, just keep in mind that he is behind the scenes working in your favor even though it doesnt feel like it at the moment.

Not feeling this election…

As most of you know by now the candidates we  have to choose from is not all that beneficial. One is an arrogant, loud, egotistical nut case, the other is a typical vote for me and I’ll promise you the world type of politician.

My grandparents on both sides of the family always instilled in me what the importance of voting is due to what they and the ones before them had to go through just to get the privilege.  So in a sense I feel I have the civic duty to vote even though I don’t feel assured with my choices.

By me being a Christian, I feel like I have to use those morals and values I learned as being a Christian to select the right person for the job. With the choices with have now, that seems almost impossible. I just Don’t see any Christian values being demonstrated at all in non of the campaigns, debates, public sessions, etc. just a bunch of verbal punches being thrown between the two like middle school kids instead of grown adults that’s going to eventually run this country.

I know people who is going to vote, not because of what the person stand for or good policies, but just to keep the other out of office. Which is understandable if your concerned with that person taking us into a world war or turning the USA into a 3 world country.

By belief right now is no matter who I pick, the  country as well as the world is heading towards Destruction. I believe this  because things where get worse before they get better as the bible hints us to. So, no matter who wins, I am praying to God to take care of our country. Not a human that has so much power. Something to thing about.

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Life is a struggle

Watch as Trent Shelton talks about being in a struggle in your life and provides a positive outcome in this video.



Be careful who you consider you friends

Click here for a video from Trent Shelton about friends

I sometimes get asked this question of why I am antisocial. It is not that I am antisocial, it’s that I want to be alone. sometimes so that I can do the things that I need to do like meditate, pray, focus on things and do other things that I need to do that I can do if I were with a group of people. There are some things that are better done alone than in a group setting.

I often get called “stuck up” or the similar because of my desire to be alone sometimes. I think this judgment is unfair because these is not the image I am trying to paint when I do things on my own. I’ve been in groups before, so this isn’t something I never experienced before (basically, almost impossible not to be in a group in some way in your lifetime). Especially in these times in society, you have to be careful of who you associate yourself with and whom you consider your “Friends” because everyone isn’t looking out for your best interest, especially in these times of division. 

Just a little encouragement

Woke up from an extremely rough night full of nightmares and restless sleep and wanted to share this verse with all who needs it. 

Be blessed!  

   As we all know there has been a issue with the safety of the water in Flint. I can’t imagine what that would be like here in Chicago, if it happened here. It would be a big mess and as the world knows we have enough to deal with. 

I’ve heard people say “What are the celebrities doing about this?”  Well, not surprisingly not much from a many of them. We can’t assume that because they are wealthy that they are going to share the wealth. Why?, because some of them don’t have a spiritual mindset . So of course they aren’t going to knock over tables to help. 

I believe God is with those people of the city of Flint even though it might not seem like it to THEM at the moment, but I believe he will come through for them at just the right time. I am sharing a verse from the 12th chapter of Luke to encourage them and others that suffer from samiliar trails and struggles. 


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