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Be careful who you consider you friends

Click here for a video from Trent Shelton about friends

Just a little encouragement

Woke up from an extremely rough night full of nightmares and restless sleep and wanted to share this verse with all who needs it. 

Be blessed!  

   As we all know there has been a issue with the safety of the water in Flint. I can’t imagine what that would be like here in Chicago, if it happened here. It would be a big mess and as the world knows we have enough to deal with. 

I’ve heard people say “What are the celebrities doing about this?”  Well, not surprisingly not much from a many of them. We can’t assume that because they are wealthy that they are going to share the wealth. Why?, because some of them don’t have a spiritual mindset . So of course they aren’t going to knock over tables to help. 

I believe God is with those people of the city of Flint even though it might not seem like it to THEM at the moment, but I believe he will come through for them at just the right time. I am sharing a verse from the 12th chapter of Luke to encourage them and others that suffer from samiliar trails and struggles. 


Is World Star Hip Hop helping Us?

This is a video that I watched on my youtube feed. This guy, Tony James, has a lot of valid point about why we shoudn’t feed into the WSHH hype. Sorry for the abrupt ending of the video.



Rock bottom

Consider your trails a blessing

Here is Trent Shelton talking on how you can use your trials to make you stronger 

When things seem to be going downhill 


Happy New Years

Wishing you A happy New Year from My Place!  


Feeling much better

I know I’ve been bantering on and on about losing my day recently, but this is not for that today. It’s just to say I’m on my way to healing. It’s still rough and I am hitting some obstacles, but is coming. Was able to get things off my chest today by sharing common problems with others which is something that I don’t really like doing because I am private with my innermost thoughts.

I’m hoping my situation in general gets better as well so I can continue to be the joyful person God meant for me to be.

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