Times are hard, but don’t end your life!!!

This time of the year is especially rough than it is any other time of the year. Even though depression and suicide can effect people year around, the symptoms are evident even more during the holiday season.

Please watch this video by Trent Shelton as he talks about ending your life.

Click here for video!

Stop The Violence!

As I sit in my hotel room during my recent mini vacation, I get the news that one of my relatives was shot and killled the previous night. This was some shocking news to get as soon as you wake up in the morning. I am still shock after hearing this unfortunate news. I live in a suburb north of Chicago and I frequently hear about shootings on the news all the time. But, when you experience this close to home, it’s surreal.

Over the 43 years I’ve been living on this earth, I’ve seen people come and go as a result of death. This particular death just seem to be unreal because it hits close to home and it’s not a story of someone you didnt know that was killed and broacasted on media and news outlets. You just don’t think this would happen to someone you would know let alone be related to. We have to do better…


Life Gets More Interesting Every Minute

It’s been some amazing things happening lately, from natural disasters, murders, social media fiascos and more. Some of these things you’d never thing would happen in this lifetime especially in my life. Every time I turn on the tv or log onto social media, I see more and more of this craziness. I guess it will be something I will have to get used to because these things mentioned earlier will not go away anytime soon. Looks like I will have to change the way I react to it. The more I let it bother me the more I will be overcome by it. So, I guess it’s something we all will eventually have to do. One thing we all need to do is stick together as things get worse because this is just the beginning. Until my next post… Be Blessed!

A good movie to watch that teaches about prayer

I haven’t been to see this movie yet, but from reviews and a view of the trailer, I got a snippet of the way this movie teaches strategic ways to pray before going into problems, situations , battle and more. 

This video talks about some of the strategies (not actual movie trailer. Click below for trailer)

Click here to watch the movie trailer